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Combining 45 years of international engineering experience with extensive experience as a consultant and as an Engineering Expert Witness, Ray G. Helmer, P.E.; Helmer Engineering, Inc., specializes in the engineering design, planning and construction of large and smaller scale civil and structural engineering projects.

Located in Houston, Ray Helmer has undertaken projects throughout the United States, as well as in remote overseas locations, including Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Greenland. He has also appeared as an Engineering Expert Witness numerous times.

Transportation Systems

  • Interstate and primary highways
  • New cities on undeveloped land
  • Urban arterials and streets
  • Airport engineering
  • Traffic engineering

Water and Wastewater Management

  • Water supply, and wastewater systems
  • Storm drainage and flood control
  • Plumbing

Industrial, Commercial and Residential Buildings

  • Foundations
  • Structural members
  • Plumbing systems
  • Earthwork materials/compaction
  • Paving materials/failures
  • Utilities and drainage systems

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Ray G Helmer, P.E.
9314 Bankside
Houston, Texas 77031
Tel: 713/777-7611 or email:helmereng@comcast.net

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