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The following excerpts are from letters that Ray Helmer has received from attorneys who have used him as an Independent Consultant or Expert Witness.

Case Involving a Vehicular Homicide

"We were delighted with the research and expertise provided by Mr. Helmer. His research was thorough and his opinions were very persuasive. In fact, I believe Ray Helmer was the reason this litigation was settled."

T.J.L. - Attorneys at Law, Des Moines, Iowa

Case Involving Flood Control and Property Damage

"Mr Helmer makes an excellent witness, and his preparation for trial is extremely professional."

T. F. - Attorney at Law - Houston, TX

Case Involving Alleged Defective Home Construction

"Mr. Helmer is our testifying expert, and has coordinated the use of consulting experts needed to proof up our case. We are pleased with Mr. Helmer's work and provide this letter of reference without any reservations."

J.R. - Attorney at Law - Eagle Pass,TX

Case Involving Road Construction

"Mr. Helmer did a great deal of research and was subject to depositions by the opposition. Mr. Helmer gave great attention to details in connection with his testimony regarding the conditions of the road and the deficiencies that existed.... I would recommend Mr. Helmer to be utilized as an expert in civil engineering and particularly in connection with issues associated with road construction."

W.H.L. - Attorney at Law - Bossier City, LA

Case Involving Damage to a Water Main

"Mr. Helmer was always able to complete his tasks promptly and capably and was always able to express his opinions and proposals in an articulate and thoughtful manner. I was very pleased with the work and the service he provided to my client in this case and would not hesitate to use him again in any similar litigation."

J.R.R. - Attorney at Law - Dallas, TX

Engineering Case

"Mr. Helmer has been very diligent and professional in not only his guidance along the engineering issues, but is also a great help in trial preparation with assisting the attorneys."

T.F.- Attorney at Law - Houston, TX

Rerference contact information, as well as copies of complete reference letters are available on request by contacting Helmer Engineering, Inc.

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