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Engineering Experience
As a registered engineer in Texas and Ohio, Ray Helmer has acted as a Consultant, Chief Engineer, Senior Project Engineer and Lead Engineer in the planning, designing and construction of multi-million dollar projects for almost half a century. These include highways, major drainage projects, aviation facilities and wastewater and water supply systems.

Expert Witness Experience
Ray Helmer has been consulting on legal cases as an Expert Witness for over ten years and is experienced in trial testimony and deposition. He has acted as consultant to plaintiffs, defendants and attorneys in numerous cases involving accidental death, injury, damage to property or product liability.

Academic Qualifications

  • B.S. Civil Engineering
  • Registered Professional Engineer in Texas and Ohio
  • Registered Environmental Professional (water quality)
  • Commissioned Officer, U.S. Corps of Engineers

Professional Affiliations

  • American Society of Civil Engineers (Vice President of the Houston Branch)
  • National Society of Professional Engineers
  • American Water Works Association
  • Water Environment Federation
  • Institute of Transportation Engineers
  • Engineers Council of Houston (Past President)
  • Foundation Performance Association


  • Professional Service Award from the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE)


  • Certified as a Small Business by the Houston Metropolitan Transit Authority (METRO) for both Federally funded and locally funded projects.
  • Pre-certification by Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) for the following categories:

3.1.1. Route Studies and Schematic Design - Minor Roadways
3.2.1. Route Studies and Schematic Design - Major Roadways
3.3.1  Route Studies and Schematic Design - Complex Highways
4.1.1. Minor Roadway Design
4.2.1. Major Roadway Design
4.3.1. Complex Roadway Design
4.4.1. Major Freeway Interchanges and Direct Connectors
7.1.1. Traffic Engineering Studies
8.1.1. Signing, Pavement Marking and Channelization
10.2.1. Basic Hydraulic Design

For more information, or to discuss a particular project or legal case, complete the inquiry form or contact:

Ray G Helmer, P.E.
9314 Bankside
Houston, Texas 77031
Tel: 713/777-7611 or email:helmereng@comcast.net

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