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Ray Helmer has acted as an Expert Witness and as a consultant to both plaintiffs and defendants and their representing counsel in the resolution of numerous cases. He has been called as a consultant in cases involving insurance companies, utility companies, state highway departments, railroad companies, private companies, and land and commercial developers.

As an Expert Witness/Consultant, Mr. Helmer enjoys a reputation for his rigorous attention to detail and professional expertise. He spends a considerable amount of time inspecting the sites where the alleged instances occurred, taking photographs, preparing detailed surveys, and reports, reviewing witnesses' statements and depositions, and using his professional knowledge and expertise to provide accurate and impartial assessments.

Mr. Helmer has provided information for Daubert Hearings and has been accepted by Courts as an Expert in the following fields:

  • Civil Engineering
  • Highway Engineering
  • Traffic Engineering
  • Highway/Railroad grade crossing accidents
  • Water Utility District Matters
  • Storm Drainage and Flooding

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